Austrian Government declared its borders would significantly more tightly controlled and  daily limits on the number of asylum seekers allowed to enter the country would be imposed. This could trigger a domino effect all  along the migrant trail starting from Greece.

Daily quotas for how many migrants can enter Austria from Slovenia will be introduced, as reported by Interior Minister  Johanna Mikl-Leitner.

Migrant-processing facility have been built in Spielfeld, which include more than two miles of fencing. Austria Interior Minister declared that, considering the amount of migrants that are expected to try to enter Austria from other routes, similar facilities will be built at 12 other border crossings with Italy, Slovenia, and Hungary.

Austrian officials are meant to publish the exact details of the plan. Namely, the number of migrants allowed to enter Austria each day will be specified. Austrian Interior Minister added that steps have to be taken in order to reduce the amount of asylum-seeker that are currently arriving in Austria, claiming hospitality limits have been reached.

Slovenian officials declared they had expected Austria to implement such decision. Moreover, Slovenia may announce additional border-control measures. Slovenian officials have declared that, in the case Austria limits the asylum-seeker flow, Slovenia would be forced to do the same. This could potentially lead  to tighter border controls. Slovenian government declared it had tightened its own border checks over the weekend because Austria was already turning more people away.

Elze Obrykite, lawyer for the Immigration Department at Giambrone, said: "It is clear that Austria is trying to significantly reduce the numbers of asylum-seekers from Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere who have been traversing southeastern Europe bound for Austria, Germany. Tightening border control can only lead to havoc and to a situation that is much more difficult to handle for countries such as Italy and Greece"

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