Billions Invested In Austrian Sites

A 60% jump in revenues to around ATS 4 bil. ($333 mill.) - and record 1996 earnings of ATS 400 mil. ($33 mill.) - have distinguished Sony DADC's Salzburg facility as a highly profitable location. And with an annual output of 240 million storage disks, Sony/Salzburg is the largest CD producer in the world. "We're clearly one of the leaders among the approximately 100 CD facilities competing in Europe," stated General Director Otto Zich. Sony Austria in Vienna is investing ATS 3.5 bill. ($292 mill.) in a service department that it will gradually expand to a European headquarters.

Siemens is also focusing on Austria, doubling the R&D capabilities of its high-performance electronics facility in Villach to more than 300 workers through an investment of ATS 5 bil. ($417 mil.). Computer manufacturer Siemens Nixdorf's Austrian subsidiary is one of its fastest-growing units with anticipated 1996/97 revenues of ATS 3.5 bil. ($292 mill.). The Vienna-based Eastern Europe headquarters of Hewlett Packard and IBM also registered superb performances, with sales/revenues of ATS 7 and 10 bill. ($583 m. and $833 m.) respectively. IBM Vienna oversees 21 reform nations.

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