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FTC Files ROSCA Charges Against Online Retailers Of Health-Related Products 
Klein Moynihan Turco LLP

The Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act ("ROSCA") was enacted in January 2011 to prohibit online retailers from charging consumers’ financial accounts unless they have clearly disclosed all material terms associated with their subject products or services and obtained consumers’ express informed consent to bill for those products or services.
Revisiting Reebok’s Rebrand And Converse’s Trademark Infringement Cases  
Stites & Harbison PLLC

Back in March, we wrote about Adidas’s attempt to rebrand Reebok with a new focus on fitness.
The Expansive Definition Of "Accident" under the SABS 

A recent decision by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario further widens the net of what is considered an "accident" for the purposes of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule ("SABS").
More Stolen Laptops, and the Parade of HIPAA Settlements Continues 
Day Pitney LLP

In the latest in a string of recent notable HIPAA settlements, Concentra Health Services and QCA Health Plan, Inc. have agreed to pay the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) $1,725,220 and $250,000, respectively, "to resolve potential violations" of HIPAA’s Privacy and Security Rules. The settlements are described in an April 22 press release by HHS.
How Can I Possibly Be Liable For A Non-Recourse Loan? 
Posternak Blankstein & Lund

Just because the lender agreed to a loan being non-recourse does not mean that giving the mortgage lender the keys to the failed real estate project is the end of the story.
Term Limits For Directors 
Hansell LLP

Should there be a limit on the number of years an individual may serve on a board?
How California’s Newly Enacted Paid Sick Leave Law Compares To San Francisco’s  
Fox Rothschild LLP

My colleague, Nancy Yaffe, has written two posts (here and here) about California’s newly enacted paid sick leave law – the Healthy Workplace, Healthy Families Act of 2014 (which goes by the phonetically challenging acronym, "HWHF").
New Massachusetts Law Requires Employers to Provide Domestic Violence Leave 

Governor Deval Patrick recently signed into law An Act Relative to Domestic Violence (ARDV), a statute that requires covered employers to provide employees with up to 15 days of unpaid leave in the event that the employee or a close family member is a victim of domestic violent or certain other abusive behavior.
Which Privacy Protections Apply? HIPAA, FERPA And Ebola  
Fox Rothschild LLP

Recent news articles regarding a New Jersey elementary school’s handling of the enrollment of two new students from Rwanda provided another glimpse of Ebola hysteria and the opportunity for me to follow up on Bill Maruca’s blog about Ebola and HIPAA with yet another (fairly obscure) statutory acronym.
Ebola And Infectious Disease Risk Management For Hospitals And Health Care Facilities  
McDermott Will & Emery

The onset of active Ebola infections in the U.S. places hospitals and health care facilities in somewhat "uncharted waters" regarding their respective legal risks related to clinical care and the clinicians providing that care under the hospital’s auspices.
Microbes, Mice And Minefields: Unique Issues In Developing And Leasing Life Science Facilities 

From the outside, life science facilities may look a lot like office buildings. However, the occupancy of laboratory space by pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms raises a unique set of legal issues. This article discusses those issues, and offers practical advice to those who represent developers, landlords and tenants of life science buildings.
Regulatory Responses To Climate Change 

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, leaving 1,833 dead and causing $108 billion in property damage.
Too Many Tweets May Make A Twit 
Withers LLP

Jack Dorsey christened as ‘Twitter’ the product he created to provide ‘a short burst of inconsequential information’.
Major Changes For Specialized Knowledge Workers 
Karas & Associates

The Federal Government published Operational Bulletin (OB) 575, which expands guidelines for immigration officers assessing Work Permit applications.
Electronic Services - VAT 
Withers LLP

If you provide any electronic services then this may affect you.
Appeal Court Rejects Pollution Exclusion In Oil Overflow 
Saxe Law Office

The Ontario Court of Appeal has forced an insurer to pay for a fuel oil cleanup after a spill, despite a pollution exclusion clause.
Who Is Reading Your Emails?  
Withers LLP

Improvements to internet access mean that you can read your e-mails or surf the web from anywhere in your house or garden.
Asia Trade Update (September–October 2014) 
Mayer Brown JSM

The leaders of China and Korea have strongly affirmed their intention to conclude the FTA by the end of 2014.
Privacy Support 
Withers LLP

Our team offers advice tailored specifically to your needs and will include the practical steps that can be taken to ensure that your vulnerability at the hands of the press and the public is reduced.
Turkey’s New Petroleum Law: General Framework And Incentives 
AKIN Law Office

Historically, the right to explore and produce petroleum has either been exclusively owned or managed by the Turkish State.
Country Specific VAT Information 
TMF Group

Despite the desire to unify EU VAT there are significant differences between countries when it comes to the framework that the EU VAT directives have established.
From Garage To Greatness: Four Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs 

Today’s SMEs are the household names of tomorrow. Those were the words of Vince Cable as the UK Government launched the GrowthAccelerator for small businesses two years ago.
Patent Enforcement Statistics from Europe and an Interview with Felicia Boyd about the PTAB 
Barnes & Thornburg

We have an interview with Felicia Boyd, who is a partner with Barnes & Thornburg LLP, about the PTAB and I will tell you a little bit about patent enforcement statistics in Europe.
PTAB And Discovery: An Insider’s Perspective  
Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP

Recently, APJs Bonilla and Snedden authored a post on the USPTO AIA Blog entitled "Routine and Additional Discovery in AIA Trial Proceedings: What is the Difference?"
A Groundbreaking Community Agreement In Pittsburgh: A Renewed Vision For Urban Development & Community Participation  
Reed Smith

As part of the ongoing efforts to redevelop the 28-acre site of the former Civic Arena near Downtown Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Penguins’ redevelopment subsidiary Pittsburgh Arena Real Estate Redevelopment LP recently signed a groundbreaking agreement with representatives of Pittsburgh’s Hill District community, the City of Pittsburgh, and Allegheny County .
Gender Diversity And Board Renewal: New Canadian Disclosure Rules For The 2015 Proxy Season 
Torys LLP

At the federal level, in June 2014, the federal Advisory Council for Promoting Women on Boards published a report Good for Business: A Plan to Promote More Women on Canadian Boards.
Ebola, Meet The ADA: Advice For Employers On Handling The Outbreak 
Fisher & Phillips LLP

How should employers respond when they learn that an employee is planning a trip to West Africa to visit family?
Creating A Construction Workplace Where Women Can Succeed 
Fisher & Phillips LLP

Ed Foulke’s article "Creating a Construction Workplace Where Women Can Succeed," was featured in Risk Management Magazine on October 15, 2014.
State AGs In The News - October 16th, 2014 
Dickstein Shapiro LLP

• Dickstein Shapiro and the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) are partnering for a webcast on Wednesday, November 5 at 3:00 PM EST for a post-election analysis of the new Attorney General landscape.
US Treasury Accepts Canadian Guidance Of Investment Entities Under FATCA 
Stikeman Elliott LLP

Last week, Brett York, an attorney adviser in the Treasury Office of International Tax Counsel confirmed that the U.S. Treasury is willing to accept Canada's recent guidance.

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