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Advertising Why advertise with Mondaq?
Who uses
Where will your banner be placed?
What are our banner specifications?
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What are our rates?
What do I have to do next?

Why advertise with Mondaq? is a free-to-use award winning website and is recognised as one of the leading sources of business information on the internet. Mondaq specialises in legal and financial information and has over 385,000 registered users including many of the world's leading companies.

Who uses

General usage information

  • has over 385,000 users
  • Registrations are currently growing at a rate of 4,000 per month
  • Users of Mondaq's distribution websites

Analysis of registered users by occupation

Accountant in Accountancy Firm, Practicing Accountant, Consultant 21160
Banker, Stockbroker, Analyst, Economist 18907
Director, Vice President, Senior Company Executive 27903
Inhouse Counsel, Lawyer in Company/Government 50439
Owner, Chairman, President, CEO, Mng Director 39758
Inhouse Accountant, CFO/FD, Treasurer 18188
Lawyer in Law Firm, Private Practice, Barrister 72618

Mondaq's distribution model

Mondaq's sharing alliances allow Mondaq's data to be displayed 'real-time' on distributors websites. This means that your advertisement can also be viewed by users of other websites, in addition to your Mondaq target audience, for no additional cost!
As our distributors have similar demographics and target audiences our free and innovative service has generated rapid take-up by other sites.
Find out more about Mondaq Distribution Partnerships.

Where will your banner be placed?

Ads are placed at the top of seventeen dynamic pages throughout the site. Our ad management system allows for banners to be displayed according to the advertiser's specifications while automatically balancing the requirements of numerous ads running per single user session.

Our display criteria is as follows:

  • General run of the site

  • Choose those sections of our site that are most targeted to your needs -
    International, UK, Offshore, Professional Surveys, Corportate information

  • Alongside specific client information, providing you are promoting a service which is not competitive in its nature to that of the client.

What are our banner specifications?

Image size: 468x60 pixels
File type:gif; animated gifs.
File size:max 50K
Image colours:colour pallet up to 64 colours.

Currently we do not allow for plug-in technologies (such as shockwave)

See a sample of currently running ads

Click here to view banner samples in a separate window.

What are our rates?

The cost of your banner is calculated according to the number of times it is displayed, i.e. the number of impressions.

Per 60,000 impressions 1,750
Per 35,000 impressions 1,000
Per 20,000 impressions 600

What do I have to do next?

Click here to email us your request and you will be contacted by our Advertising Manager.

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