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HERDEM is an Istanbul based law firm that engages multinational transactions to support business objectives and to transact business in the burgeoning and developing economic environment of Turkey. The firm mainly focuses on investment and corporate deals with added advantage of combination of lawyers, finance experts and project experts that enables the firm to handle the issues from different perspectives in a unique form of legal practice.

The Firm’s services are mainly based on transactional, regulatory and litigation matters with particular emphasis on partner-lead management. HERDEM serves a worldwide clientele from EU Zone Countries UK, US, Qatar, South Korea, China and Japan. The firm has effective responsiveness and commits to respond within maximum 8 hours wherever the client is located.

Apart from this, HERDEM takes pride in successful track records with winning awards. HERDEM is winner of Franchise Law Firm of the Year Turkey, Banking and Finance Law Firm of the year and Leading Acquisition International Adviser in 2013. The firm has also been awarded in London Stock Exchange for its success in banking & finance.

HERDEM has also dedicated itself to publishing articles pertaining to different industries. However what distinguishes HERDEM from its competitors is the way we structure our firm as a company providing our clients with services beyond legal counseling. The Firm which acts as a gateway between investors and promising industries is involved in fund raising transactions. Based on its experience of having multi disciplines in startup, early stage investment, crowdfunding management, option structuring on share value (endorsable instruments, etc.) and exit strategies (IPO's, partial sale, bankruptcy, the Firm involves in several international projects in regulated markets with substantial volume in business and trade. According to the ratios of recent years the foreign client rate of the Firm is 78% that indicates the Firm’s efficiency in the market from foreign perspective. In line with firm's investment focus approach, the Firm's Managing Partner Mr. Safak HERDEM is granted the honor to head the Law Committee of European Business Angels Network (EBAN) which was established with the collaboration of the European Commission in 1999 by a group of pioneer BANs in Europe and EURADA (European Association of Development Agencies).

Safak Herdem has started his career as in-house at a subsidiary multinational mining company (subsidiary of Eldorado Gold Corporation) after broad legal background in corporate, business and finance law in global market and worked for a Ankara based law firm. 4 years ago he has set his own organization and has been acting as managing partner of the firm. He is one of the leading legal counsels in Turkey with unique combination of international and domestic law regulations. He has successful history of the education gathered with the negotiation skills and lawyering practice and demonstrated experience especially in energy, aerospace, project finance, capital markets, corporate structuring, private equity and M&As. Mr.Herdem is also an arbitrator of American International Commercial Arbitration Court and general partner of the court in Turkey. He has several studies on energy markets, money laundering, counter trade, corporate structuring, banking and finance published on international publications and awards representing the firm in franchise and banking finance issue.

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